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‘Bishvil Hazahav’ is the leading company in Israel for organized cruise tours as well as for special organized tours for the elderly (‘Goldenage Tours’). The brand name has operated for the past 17 years as part of the expanded activity of IDB Tourism Group.

Our expertise with the elderly population is accompanied by a great deal of experience, attention to the smallest details and understanding of travelers’ needs.

Each trip is meticulously planned to suit the traveler who is searching for a different type of trip – a comprehensive trip contrived to be more convenient and of a higher quality standard than common trips.

Our tours are based on extensive knowledge, many years of experience and understanding of the special needs and desires of the elderly. The tours include unique and varied itineraries all over the world, top tour guides, uncompromising service, and a group of travelers characterized by keen interest.

Siman Siman Ovadia Managing Director

“The Guide Makes the Trip” – At ‘Bishvil Hazahav’ , this isn’t just a slogan

Our guides are considered to be the best in the tourism industry. All are experienced in leading groups of elderly travelers, and have considerable knowledge in diverse fields. They are very sensitive to the needs of our travelers, with patience and good interpersonal skills, and are available to the travelers at any hour of day or night. During the evenings they hold social gathering or lectures

The travelers meet the guide about a week before the tour and receive instructions and explanations that will assist them in better preparing for the trip

The Advantages that makes the difference

The Itinerary In preparing the trip itinerary special attention is given to the accessibility to visitor sites, use of internal flights instead of long and tiring road trips, use of small vehicles that allow accessibility to visitor sites in ancient cities like Florence and Prague where large buses are prohibited from entering, as well as the right balance between visiting natural, scenic sites and urban visits

The Hotels In preparing the trip itinerary special emphasis is placed on few hotel changes and staying several nights at the same hotel. This prevents the inconvenience involved in packing and unpacking suitcases

 The Tour Guides The guides on “Bishvil Hazahav ” Tours have extensive experience in leading elderly travel groups, and have a vast amount of knowledge in various areas. They are very sensitive to the needs of our travelers, with patience and good interpersonal skills, and are available to the travelers at any hour of day or night

 The Meals In almost all of the tours we include two meals a day – full buffet (and not continental) breakfasts, and dinners, some of which are served at the hotels and some of which will be combined with a night out at a restaurant or a folklore evening. There is no longer a need to go out and search for restaurants at the end of a long day of traveling as customary in other commom tours. In our cruise tours (regular cruises and river cruises) our travelers enjoy a full board service (three meals a day).

The Flights In most of the tours the flights are schedule airline flights that depart at fixed, predetermined hours

The Schedule – All Inclusive The daily tour schedule is full. In “Beshvil Hazahav” Tours there are no free days and no extra payments for additional tours – everything is included in the price that the traveler paid in advance for the trip

The Home Transportation at The End of The Trip Our travelers enjoy a special transportation service which will bring them back home at the end of the trip (To anywhere in Israel). There is no longer a need to inconvenience your family members with this matter.

 The Travelers and the Group Meeting Our travelers are characterized by a high level of keen interest and involvement. “The Young and the Restless” that want to learn and experience more and more. New connections are made starting from the very first group meeting that takes place about a week before the trip, and naturally also over the course of the trip, as well as meeting friends from previous trips.

Special Additional Advantages for the ‘Goldenage Tours’

The Doctors

In addition to the tour guide, the ‘Goldenage Tours’ are accompanied by an Israeli doctor. Fortunately our travelers usually don’t require the medical services, but nevertheless the presence of the doctor on the trip is very important. First and foremost it provides a feeling of security to the travelers, especially when the tour takes place in countries with inferior health services, like Uzbekistan, Russia, Morocco, and China. In addition, the doctor serves as an assistant to the tour guide and to the group, thus contributing considerably to the success of the trip

Our medical team is comprised of senior physicians with a great deal of experience in working with the elderly, and most have notable experience in accompanying tours.

The doctor participates in the group meeting that takes place about a week before the trip, and the travelers may take the opportunity to consult with him or inform him of details relating to their health status.

Transportion to the airport as well as back home

Our vehicle will transport the traveler from home (from anywhere in Israel) to the airport and will also bring him back home at the end of the trip.

Contact us Bishvil Hazahav tourism LTD Victoria Building, 3 Hamelacha st Tel Aviv 6721503 Tel: +972 (0)3-5651152 Fax: +972 (0)3-7954087 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 18:00

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